The legality of playing online lottery in Vietnam

In a situation where gambling has become an activity banned by law and prevented in many places, lottery is a different problem. It originates from the results of the lottery, a form of betting that is accepted and considered legal by the government. Although there is a positive assessment of lottery management, it is worth noting that online lottery is popular from busy cities to peaceful countryside and it reaches everyone. classes of society. So is playing online lottery allowed in Vietnam? New88011 login Find out!

What is playing lottery online?

Playing lottery online is a form of online betting based on the results of the lottery. Players often bet on one or more numbers that are considered the best numbers today, then wait for the official lottery results to see if the best numbers they have chosen today match. or not. If the numbers match the results, the player will receive a corresponding reward based on the bet level and the house’s odds.

Playing lottery online is often more convenient and flexible than playing traditional lottery. Players can participate from anywhere with an internet connection, and the process of placing bets and receiving rewards is usually quick and easy.

Is playing online lottery legal in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, lottery betting is not considered a legal activity according to current law. Vietnamese authorities have applied many measures to prevent and control online betting activities, including blocking access to online lottery betting websites.

Therefore, playing online lottery in Vietnam is not only illegal but also carries potential legal and financial risks. Players should follow local laws and avoid engaging in illegal betting activities to avoid legal problems.

Difference between lottery and lottery

In comparing traditional lottery and lottery, New88.com logs in

The main points can be drawn as follows:

Purpose and management

Traditional lottery is an activity strictly managed and issued by the State with the goal of serving social welfare and State budget revenue.

Lottery numbers are a spontaneous variation that is not accepted by law and is often organized by individuals or groups of individuals with the goal of personal profit.

Laws and Regulations

Traditional lotteries must comply with State laws and regulations, along with organizing propaganda about the purpose and meaning of this activity.

Recording lottery numbers and participating in lottery numbers is against the law and may be subject to criminal or administrative sanctions.


Traditional lotteries are issued by the State and strictly managed.

Lottery numbers are often organized spontaneously, without management and control from the State.

With these points, it is clear that traditional lottery and lottery are two activities with big differences in purpose, law and management.

Why is lottery allowed but online lottery is not?

According to the information New88.com logged in to learn, lottery is considered a legal betting activity in Vietnam, strictly managed and controlled by the State through laws and decrees such as Decree No. Decree 30/2007/ND-CP, Decree 78/2012/ND-CP, Decree 151/2018/ND-CP, Law on Enterprises 2020 and Law on Corporate Income Tax. The lottery has the goal of meeting the entertainment needs of a group of people with legitimate income and ensuring security, order and social safety. Income from lottery activities is also contributed to the State Budget to serve public benefits and social welfare policies.
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On the contrary, lottery is a spontaneous activity, not accepted by law. Recording lottery numbers and participating in the lottery is often associated with high win-loss rates and complicated game rules. Many lottery players have to pour large amounts of money into this, even borrowing at high interest rates, leading to debt and financial difficulties. The consequences of the lottery include the spread of “black credit.”

With the negative consequences of lottery, the State has classified this activity on the list of strictly prohibited forms of gambling. Participating in the lottery can lead to administrative sanctions or even criminal prosecution, depending on the severity of the violation.

Above is all the information about whether playing lottery online is legal? Hope New88 login will help you

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