Online cockfighting – New88 reveals how to win 100%

Many people are always looking for a way online cockfighting online always win, but is there really such a trick? Experts have hidden tricks that new or inexperienced players don’t know about. Do not worry,Nhà cái New886 will reveal to you tips to help you win.

Is the 100% winning online cockfighting method reliable?

Honestly, if you’re looking for this, give up early. Simply deduce that if so, people who know how to make a living for themselves and their families, why do they have to tell others? That is also the psychology of every person, when you see a delicious piece of food, just eat quietly and do not brag.

So there is definitely no way to help you win absolutely all matches online cockfighting online. Instead, New88 brings you tips to increase your odds of winning or luck. Those are just the factors that affect the winning rate of fighting cocks. Applying those methods, you will step closer to victory.

Tips for playing online cockfighting with high winning rate

Instead of looking for a 100% win rate, we can only rely on a few factors to increase the win rate. For veteran players, tipsonline cockfighting online Surely everyone understands this. However, new members may not know these things.

Choose a quality online cockfighting site

First thing want to play online cockfighting If you are profitable, you must choose a reputable betting address. Currently, New88 operates legally, paying transparently and quickly for you to participate.

Master the types of bets and forms of online cockfighting

To choose a wise fighting cock, you need to master the types of bets and betting methods.

Most bookmakers have 3 forms online cockfighting online, that is:

+ Meron: Bet on the dealer’s cock.

+ Wala: bet the player’s cock to win.

+ BD: bet on draw, both children fall.

Some forms of online cockfighting today:

+ American-style online cockfighting always brings new emotions to viewers

+ Recently, iron spur and knife spur cockfighting appeared online, gathering all the fighting cocks with the most dangerous fighting moves.

+ Fighting chickens from countries like Thailand, Cambodia… is the hottest game in Asia.

+ Online Peruvian cockfighting has many types of bets, with very high winning and losing rates.

Choose standard bets

To bet online cockfighting online standard, players need to measure the strength of the fighting chickens participating in the match. When choosing fighting cocks, pay attention to the following:
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– Color of fighting cocks: the light red color of fighting cocks represents poor health, physical strength is difficult to maintain until the end of the match; The rooster’s neck and head are also dark red.

– Chickens have the phenomenon of weight loss, which means they only look big and strong, but actually when fighting, they are very sluggish.

– When letting a chicken roam freely, if it hesitates to move or turn around to look for food, it means it is not ready to fight. But if it aggressively wants to jump on the opponent’s chicken, it proves that it is very brave.

– Roosters with long legs that reach their armpits are often bad at dangerous kicks and quickly consume their physical strength.

– The age of the chicken is young, not too young, not too old, you should choose.

Instructions for participating in New88 online cockfighting on your computer

To be able to participate in the game online cockfighting online New88 on computers we only need a computer with not too high configuration and a stable Internet connection.

The New88 website can run well on Chrome, FireFox, Coc Coc and Internet Explorer browsers, so you can participate with peace of mind even if your computer is not strong or does not have many advanced programs installed.

Then we have an account to log into the New88 system via link/. If you have already joined the application on your phone, you can use that account again. If you don’t have an account, you can register to participate at New88 at the link above.

Steps to participate in watching and betting on cockfighting at New88 include:

  • Access New88, select Login.
  • Enter your account and password to enter the game.
  • If you watch cockfighting, select the “cockfighting” section.
  • After that, you can freely choose the ongoing cockfighting match you want to watch.
  • If you like the chicken, you can choose “Bet”online cockfighting online.

Notes when watching – betting online cockfighting at New88

To be able to view and participate in betting online cockfighting For more convenience, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

  • Cockfighting is organized in tournaments and live from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The cockfighting schedule is updated regularly, you can follow the schedule and watch your favorite cockfights.
  • Bookmaker New88 is affiliated with many cockfighting arenas from Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, etc.
  • At New88 you can watch online cockfighting online free of charge.
  • In addition to cockfighting betting, New88 also has many online games that you can participate in.


New88 has been directly authorized by Cambodia and has many years of reputation in the industry. Therefore, you can safely enjoy the matches online cockfighting onlineExciting here:

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