Roulette – Big Bonus Betting Wheel at New88

Roulette is receiving the most attention on online betting sites today. Thereby also affirming the attraction that this game brings to players. Which way of playing will help you achieve the highest efficiency? Join New 88 for detailed effective betting tips right below.

What is Roulette?

If you are looking for a card game that is attractive not only in Vietnam in particular but all over the world, Roulette is the top choice. This game is showing its pervasive power when present at all major bookmakers. And certainly New88 is also one of the providers of this game.

Roulette comes from France and means wheel. In this Wheel, the numbers from 0 to 36 will be played in sequential order. However, there are also cases where the number 00 appears in the spin to show that this is an American Roulette game.

The difference in the French and American Roulette games is the number 00. You need to pay close attention to this number so you can choose to participate according to your own requirements.

What is the reason why you choose Roulette at New88?

Currently, there are many large and small bookmakers providing online services in the betting market. However, outstanding among them is New88 with countless advantages such as:

Prestige and responsibility

For any player who chooses, prestige and responsibility always come first. This betting service provider represents itself through the PAGCOR license. This is the most difficult license to meet all requirements from this organization.

A bookmaker that owns this license will have common characteristics such as:

  • Abundant capital is guaranteed by large corporations behind.
  • The Customer Care team and system development human resources are comprehensively guaranteed.
  • Infrastructure is clearly announced. Not only that, contact information as well as the company’s address must be announced to all players on the home page.
  • Tax is one of the things that a bookmaker with a PAGCOR license must fully meet.

High payout rate

After all, the player’s goal is to win and receive rewards for himself. Also spending some money, at New88 players can receive rewards 1.1 to 1.3 times higher depending on the game hall.

Not only that, there is transparency in match payout results, as well as games published by major units around the world. New88’s groups on Fanpage or on Zalo and Instagram allow players to discuss and come up with appropriate strategies.

Roulette at New88 allows players to receive 15% more money when they win. Showing both prestige and transparency as well as receiving bigger rewards are things that players cannot ignore when coming to this unit.

Easy to operate

Operations from registering an account, logging into the system, to depositing and withdrawing money are all shortened by New88, especially in the game Roulette. Besides, this entertainment giant allows you to download the application to your phone so you can easily place bets anytime, anywhere.
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Instructions for registering and logging in to a Roulette account at New88

Those who want to experience the Roulette game at home at New88 can refer to the following instructions:

Register an account

  • Use any browser and enter the link (updating) to get to the home page.
  • Select the registration section.
  • Enter everything as accurately as possible for the forum that just appeared from the system.
  • Check and confirm the information again before clicking register to finish this process.

When registering an account, you need to maintain a stable network and the information must be authentic.

Log in to your account

After successfully creating a roulette account at bookmaker New88, log in as follows:

  • Use the App or browser on your phone or internet-connected devices to open New88’s homepage.
  • Click log in then fill in the account and password information.
  • Log in again to complete this operation.

Note: If you accidentally forget your account, click on the forgot password box right below the login section to connect to the system and search again.


Above is all the detailed information about Roulette at the house New88 that we just sent to you. Currently, the house is offering many incentives for members who register for new accounts. So don’t hesitate, join today and receive super attractive rewards right away.

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