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Streamline Your E-Commerce with Austway: Your Trusted Amazon Freight Forwarder

In the competitive world of e-commerce, efficient logistics are crucial. Austway stands out as a reliable Amazon freight forwarder, dedicated to ensuring quick and safe shipping of goods from sellers’ warehouses to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Their comprehensive services help businesses optimize shipping operations and improve logistics efficiency.

Efficient Amazon Freight Solutions

Austway’s Amazon freight forwarding services are designed to streamline your e-commerce logistics. They handle everything from quoting to payment, providing full visibility throughout the shipping process. Their extensive logistics network and expansive 50,000 square meter warehouses allow them to offer tailored logistics solutions. This means businesses can easily store and dispatch their goods, ensuring timely delivery to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Comprehensive Amazon FBA Forwarding Services

Austway offers a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of Amazon sellers. Their Amazon FBA forwarding services include:

Warehousing: Secure and spacious storage solutions.

Returns Management: Efficient handling of product returns.

Label Exchanges: Ensuring products meet Amazon’s labeling requirements.

Drop Shipping: Direct shipping from suppliers to customers.

Customs Clearance: Smooth processing of goods through customs.

Last-Mile Delivery: Reliable delivery to the final destination.

These comprehensive services are designed to enhance the overall efficiency of your logistics operations, reducing both transportation time and costs.

Visibility and Reliability in Amazon Freight

One of the key benefits of choosing Austway as your Amazon freight forwarder is their commitment to visibility and reliability. From the moment your goods leave the seller’s warehouse to their arrival at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, Austway ensures you are informed at every step. This transparency helps businesses plan better and manage their inventory more efficiently.


For businesses looking to streamline their e-commerce operations, Austway offers unparalleled Amazon freight forwarding services. Their expertise, extensive logistics network, and comprehensive service offerings make them the ideal partner for efficient and reliable shipping. Trust Austway to handle your Amazon freight needs, and experience improved logistics efficiency and reduced costs, ensuring your goods reach Amazon fulfillment centers quickly and safely.

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