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It’s a good thing that public awareness of SCA rescue solutions is growing and devices for defibrillating cardiac arrest patients, AED hospital products, and public AEDs are becoming more widely known. Today Mindray is here to give us some details about AEDs.

The distinction between a public AED and a hospital defibrillator

A hospital defibrillator in this sense is a specialist manual external defibrillator (MED) used in hospitals to return a patient’s heart rate to normal.

As it needs the doctor to determine how much shock energy should be administered to the patient as well as when and how often to administer a shock, it is designed for skilled medical practitioners to diagnose various cardiac abnormalities and treat them correctly. This is what manual defibrillation is referred to as.

Public AEDs, on the other hand, are SCA rescue tools that anybody may use outside of a hospital and are intended for non-medical staff. Some have voice prompts visual cues, and buzzers that sound to let the user know when to shock the AED.

To give the quickest reaction time for out-of-hospital SCA rescue, AED devices are typically wall-mounted, outfitted with a specific AED box, and put in public spaces outside of hospitals, such as airports, stations, business buildings, and stadiums. In terms of look, functionality, and operation, they are essentially unlike.


AEDs provide the primary form of first aid for patients in cardiac arrest, which will go a long way in keeping them alive. Visit Mindray‘s official website for more technical specifications and detailed information about AEDs.

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