Outstanding Features of Sterile Surgical Gown

Before every surgery, it’s crucial to check that everyone is dressed properly. They are typically green in color and composed of sterile materials. Sterile surgical gowns also offer defense against bacteria and viruses that are spread through contact with blood.

Green O.R.

Winner Medical adheres to the green O.R. environmental preservation principle. It ensures that the large quantity does not put undue pressure on the environment by using high-quality biodegradable cotton as the principal raw material for surgical consumables. Expertise-wise, Winner Medical has a strong R&D team that is aware of the issues with surgical supplies and tries to enhance the products to make the experience better for both patients and doctors.

For hospitals and other healthcare organizations looking to maintain a high degree of sterility, Winner Medical’s sophisticated manufacturing of sterile surgical gowns is the ideal option. These gowns have tightly fitting, sealable seams that assist avoid infection and are very durable.

Features of surgical gowns

Surgical gowns are medical garments worn by surgeons during surgeries. There are many different types of surgical gowns available, each with its specific features. Below is a list of some of the most common features found in surgical gowns:

– Blood/bodily fluid resistant: Surgical gowns are made from materials that are resistant to blood and other bodily fluids. This helps to keep the wearer clean and dry during surgery.

– Sterile: Surgical gowns are sterilized before use.

– Disposable: Surgical gowns are usually disposable, meaning they are only meant to be worn once and then thrown away. This helps to prevent the spread of infection.

– Comfortable: Surgical gowns should be comfortable to wear for long periods, as surgeries can often last several hours.


The pursuit of a better environment through the use of sterile surgical gowns from Winner Medical is an important step forward in health care. The gowns offer superior protection and comfort. Additionally, they can help reduce waste by being reused multiple times. These characteristics make them an invaluable tool for medical professionals who need to ensure a safe, healthy work environment.

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