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 New88 is a card game portal with many diverse genres with rich content and attractive interface for players. New88 is and has become one of the most promising game portals that many players are interested in and participate in in Vietnam. Together Home page New88 Find out now in the article below!

 New88 What stands out and attracts?

Even though it was just released recently New88 Guaranteed and supported by the leading publisher in the online business market today, it has become one of the game portals with the highest level of satisfaction and reputation in the region. New88 has constantly strived and won the number 1 position in the gaming industry in Vietnam.

Reputable quality

Nhà Cái New88 is an online game portal created and developed by NPH Vietnam in cooperation with dealer Asia’s largest. And since then, a monumental and outstanding masterpiece has been born called New88.

Participated by many players in large numbers, New88 has an extremely high level of reliability according to objective assessments of the gaming community. According to a survey, over 95% of customers voted 5 stars for this game portal. This is a dream number for many bookmakers operating in the online gaming business.

The game portal has a unique interface

Possessing a methodically designed interface, with meticulous investment and elaboration. New88 is a game portal with extremely eye-catching colors that harmoniously combine two hot colors, creating a brand with the most EXCELLENT interface on the market.

All images used in this game portal are equipped with 4K technology, this is one of the virtual reality technologies that game enthusiasts are completely conquered by its sharpness and realism. .

Besides, the graphics in the games are carefully designed with cheerful, witty colors that make players enjoy every moment.

Sound effects okay New88 Focused on and invested in OST+ technology with the aim of creating excitement and helping players relax in the betting world. And yet, sound and images coordinate smoothly to create extremely eye-catching and vivid effects in every corner. Since then, the players have had moments of excitement and sublimation when participating in this game portal.

Game portal with flexible payment methods and extremely fast deposits and withdrawals

New88 Use a direct transaction system to ensure safety and maximum preservation of player bonuses. All forms of deposit and withdrawal at this game portal are applied at a 1:1 ratio, completely free and do not incur any costs during the payment process.

New88 is a game portal affiliated with many leading banks in Vietnam: Vietcombank, BIDV, Agribank, Vietinbank, Dong A Bank, … easy to connect payment methods to deposit and withdraw money extremely quickly and conveniently.

In addition to payment via bank card, you can also pay using the following methods:

  • Top up via phone scratch card: Mobiphone, Vinaphone, Viettel
  • Top up via e-wallets: Momo, zalo pay
  • Load Code pay

How to deposit money is very simple: You just need to click on the deposit box on the screen then select the deposit method and deposit amount. Then click Ok to complete the transaction. All payment methods are made very simple and 100% free as soon as possible. Each transaction only takes 5-10 minutes for customers to receive money into their account.

The security system is very tight

Different from unofficial games in the betting market and game portals New88 NPH has invested in a security system with modern features according to international standards: Multi-layer password with OTP link form, emergency account locking in case of risk, anti-fraud system under the supervision of NPH. High quality security monitoring.

New88 Committed not to disclose any information related to customers and ensure not to disclose it to third parties or leak information outside.

All transactions or payment methods will be made directly on the game portal and not through any intermediaries. Therefore, the player’s transactions will be 100% secure.

Extremely SHOCKING promotions

When participating in the game New88, new players after logging in will receive a 100% discount on the value of the recharge card and gift codes with a series of useful gifts for other games when participating. In addition, events are opened weekly to serve the programs promotion The most attractive attractions for participants to feel secure in entertainment such as: Exploding X5 pots every day, Summoning dragons of fortune,…

24/24 customer care and consulting

Besides the absolute privacy policy, the game gong New88 There is also a thoughtful and professional customer care system. The customer care department of this gaming house has a highly qualified and extremely enthusiastic team. Questions or support will be answered by the staff here 24/7, anytime, anywhere, helping players feel secure when betting at this game portal.

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The HOT largest and most diverse betting world of New88

Top prize exchange card game

If we talk about the ability to attract customers, then the card game with rewards at New88 It must be called the pinnacle in retaining customers and having a large number of visits in recent times.

Playing cards for prizes is of interest to many people because the level of gameplay is very interesting and attractive. You will be able to play for fun but exchange real money and withdraw real money to your own account. World-class casio card game with a variety of games such as: Ta La, Mau Binh, Sam Loc, Southern Tien Len, Lieng, Poker, Scratch Cards, ….

Mini entertainment game

Game portal New88 also expands the system of entertainment games with traditional content such as: Bau crab, dice, Keno, mini Poker, … These games have high winning rates and extremely simple gameplay and payout rates. Attractive rewards

Slots game with eye-catching interface

In addition to card games with prizes New88 It is also a gathering place for extremely HOT Slots games today. Games like: Superhero, Aladin, Olympus, Ice Age, Lord of the Rings, Water Margin… with simple gameplay and many events with many valuable gifts waiting for players to conquer. Additionally, at New88 You can also participate in attractive sports betting such as: Football, volleyball, tennis, electronic sports,… with many bets with extremely high odds.

How to become a member of New88

To join any online game portal, you need to have specific login information. For New88 Likewise, you need to download online gaming software and then register as a member to participate in the game.

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage New88 at a reputable link
  • Step 2: Register a personal account. Information such as login name, password and phone number must be accurate and clear.
  • Step 3: Check the information again and confirm the OTP code. Then click OK to complete.

Just follow these simple steps and you will become a member of the gaming family New88 and that.


Are you an online betting enthusiast? Are you in need of a reputable and top quality playground? Come to the Game portal New88 to experience the world of leading giant games in the region and to have the most joyful moments of entertainment.

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