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Behind the scenes football livescore About the top 8 richest football clubs that many people are interested in. Not only does it compete in the race to win the championship of major tournamentsthe club is also an ‘arch-rival’ for the title of richest football team in the world. Let’s take a look with Nhà Cái Hi88 at the list of top 8 football clubs just announced in 2024.

The irresistible attraction of the king of football

Popular football sport

Football, with its immense popularity and unbelievable appeal, has attracted millions of sports-loving hearts around the world. From vibrant Asia to romantic Europe, the appeal of this sport has deeply and undeniably entered people’s hearts.

In general, the attraction of football comes not only from the interaction between players on the field, but also from other subtle factors such as the unbreakable solidarity between teammates, unexpected plays, Suspense and drama, as well as social cohesion, are clearly shown in each stand.

In addition, smart tactics and creativity in approaching the match are also important factors that create the appeal of football. The rapid and constant changes in each match are also an undeniable attraction. Below are the top 8 richest football clubs in the world according to informationLivescore football behind the scenes.

Top 8 richest football clubs in the world 2024

Collection of the richest football clubs in the world from behind the scenes of Livecore football

Below is a summary of the richest clubs in the world provided in the sectionLivescore football behind the scenes.

Real Madrid (6.07 billion USD)

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, tFor two consecutive years, Real Madrid has continuously occupied the top position on the top list published by Forbes magazine. From a total value of approximately $5.1 billion a year earlier, “Los Blancos” recorded a 19% increase in assets, reaching a total of $6.07 billion in the top club list. globally by 2023.

This achievement is mainly due to Real Madrid’s outstanding achievements on the field, but it cannot be denied the role of a long-term 20-year contract that they signed with two financial investors, Sixth Streets and Legends. This contract brought the club a large amount of income to the tune of 400 million USD.

Man United (6 billion USD)

According to information Livescore football behind the scenes, sAfter ranking third in 2022, Manchester United overtook Barcelona to climb to second place on this list within the past year. It is worth noting that this is the first time Manchester United’s total value has surpassed the $6 billion mark, up 30% compared to just one year ago.

The Glazer family has owned the team since 2005 and is actively selling the “Red Devils” at a price that will likely create a transfer record for a football club. British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe has announced plans to buy back 60% of Manchester United’s shares, while billionaires from Saudi Arabia have expressed their desire to hold full control of the team for $6.3 billion. .

Barcelona ($5.51 billion)

clubBarcelona has significant growth

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, despite facing financial instability revealed over the past few years, Barcelona still recorded growth of about 10% in the past year, reaching a figure of 5.51 billion USD.

However, the prospect of reduced revenue in the 2023-2024 season could completely become a reality when they have to repair the Nou Camp stadium. The loss of revenue is estimated at about 100 million USD per year during the process of upgrading the football field, while the capacity of the field is currently only 55,926 seats.
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Liverpool ($5.29 billion)

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, Fenway Sports Group took over Liverpool in 2010 for $360.5 million, significant investments from the group have increased the team’s value more than tenfold over the past thirteen years.

From Livescore football behind the scenes, This contribution has contributed to winning a series of trophies, including one Premier League title, one FA Cup, two English League Cups, one Champions League, one European Super Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup title.

Man City (4.99 billion USD)

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes,okay dLed by coach Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City team not only proves its strength on the field but also rapidly increases its value in the market. From $4.25 billion, the club’s value has increased to $4.99 billion in just the past 12 months.

According to the news Livescore football behind the scenes, Forbes has recorded that Manchester City is operating with the highest budget in the world, up to 175 million USD, and generating the highest revenue with a figure of up to 815 million USD. This is a clear testament to the prosperity and great influence that “The Green Half of Manchester” has in the football and sports world.

Bayern Munich ($4.86 billion)

Bayern Munich Club monopolizes the richest position in the world

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, Bayern Munich stands alone at the top of the list of the richest football teams in the world, with an estimated asset value of about 4.86 billion USD. The Gray Tigers team from Bavaria not only rose to the top of the Bundesliga rankings with their 11th consecutive national championship, but was also recognized as the best financial management team in the world.

According to Livescore football behind the scenes, Forbes said, Bayern Munich is currently earning $1.38 billion from selling television rights and earning $2.11 billion from commercial activities. Meanwhile, the income from match day is up to 455 million USD, an impressive number, a testament to the great attraction and influence that this team brings to the football community and the sports world.

Paris Saint-Germain ($4.21 billion)

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, In just a short period of the past 12 months, Paris Saint-Germain has witnessed an extremely impressive growth, when their “value” suddenly increased to 4.21 billion USD, an increase of 32%. In an interview with media reporters, President Nasser Al-Khelaifi emphasized and honored the team’s great achievements.

He said: “We accepted the team for only 76 million USD and turned PSG into a brand worth more than 4.3 billion USD. This is an unbelievable success in the business sector and there are still many projects to come.” The future lies ahead with the club. In sports football, there are right and wrong decisions, but we are always committed, work hard and are proud of the achievements we have achieved today.”

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, Al-Khelaifi also confirmed that he rejected an offer to buy PSG for over 4 billion USD from a partner, however, Qatar Sports Investment (QSI) is still willing to transfer 15% of the club’s shares to anyone interested. This shows QSI’s continued determination and commitment to the development and success of PSG.

Chelsea ($3.1 billion)

According to information from Livescore football behind the scenes, “joint venture ownership” between billionaire Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital has made a large investment of 3.1 billion USD to buy Chelsea Football Club from Russian owner Roman Abramovich in 2022. Although everyone knows The new boss has spent more on Chelsea, but Forbes can only assess the value of “The Blues” at the same level.

Despite the upheavals and challenges of the 2022-2023 season, Chelsea’s value has remained stable over the past 12 months and they remain in 8th place in the list of richest clubs. This shows Chelsea’s patience and stability under new leadership, and its attractiveness in the eyes of the market and fans.

In Livescore football behind the scenesInformation about the top 8 richest football clubs in the world has been shared in detail. Football is not just a game, but also a part of everyday culture for millions of people worldwide. From dramatic matches to touching stories of solidarity and dedication, football brings joy to fans of all ages.

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