Algorithm for coin toss and ways to control the betting situation

Disc jockey algorithm is a confusing term for players new to this disc jockey sport. So how does this algorithm work, and is there any way to overcome this algorithm and win for yourself? This is the question Trang Chủ Hi88 received and many of you have the same question. In today’s article, we will help you know more about this algorithm Hi88 Please.

Concept of coin toss algorithm

The coin toss algorithm is a combination of the experiences of many players related to this coin toss. However, not all algorithms are accurate to apply when playing coin toss. Currently, there is a lot of information about the three stars with different versions appearing, making new players confused about what they did last time.

So how can we better understand the coin toss algorithm and apply it when playing? You must clearly understand the basic knowledge related to this subject such as the exit rate of each door. For example, what is the odd or even ratio, what is the 50/50 outcome? By grasping these concepts, players can understand the algorithm of coin toss.

Some inadequacies when using the coin toss algorithm

In addition to the above advantages, there are still many disadvantages when using this coin toss algorithm such as:

  • Spending too much time researching to catch the rules as well as to create algorithms for yourself.
  • Each bookmaker uses a different rule. If you change the bookmaker, the player needs to recalculate from the beginning.
  • In addition, after a period of time, the house’s coin toss algorithm will also change, so players need to calibrate it properly to be able to apply it successfully.
  • In particular, this algorithm is not for players with small capital because it will be very difficult to be able to afford it.

Experience in applying the most effective coin toss algorithm for rookies

 Below are the experiences using the standard coin toss algorithm, which has been researched by teams of experts and verified by the player community.

Understand the odds and even odds of coin toss

Parity ratio and mathematical probability in coin toss are very important, this is the basis to help players predict accurate results. With 4 coins and each coin will have both red and white sides, available in the following cases:

  • Even numbers include: 4 red, 4 white, 2 red and 2 white.
  • Odd numbers: 3 red, 1 white or vice versa, 3 white and 1 red.
  • Over: 4 reds or maybe 3 reds and 1 white.
  • Under: 4 white and 3 white and 1 red.

It is said that whether you choose to bet even/odd or over/under, your chances of winning are 50:50. If for a long time a door does not appear, this rate will decrease. You should invest heavily in that door to not miss the opportunity to make money.

Disc jockey algorithm Hi88 Use folding tactics

Since ancient times, gambling enthusiasts have known about this folding strategy as a method of double betting, ensuring high profits for you. So how urgent is it? That’s when you double your capital from the previous game until you win.

The reason for this bet is that the player needs to guess correctly once, you will be able to recover all the capital you bet in advance and receive a large amount of money. Eg:

  • Game 1: Bet even 1 unit and lose the bet.
  • Game 2: Next, place an even bet, but double the number and lose the bet.
  • Game 3: Continue to bet even with 3 times the amount and win.

Then you will have a certain amount of bonus money based on the bonus rate previously prescribed by the house.

The coin toss algorithm predicts even or odd numbers from the experts

Disc jockeys are players who have experience and understand disc jockeys after a long period of research and practice. These experts often predict the results of 4 coins 100% correctly without using any tricks or deception.

If you recognize who is the best player in the game, you will be able to follow suit and make money more easily. Just believe and follow what the masters have done before, and you can follow your talent and enjoy luck every day.

The coin toss algorithm is based on exponentials

Similar to the folding strategy but has much less risk and requires betting amounts based on time and personal experience. Experts with experience and accurate prediction ability can place larger bets. Follow these rules to help protect your initial capital and minimize the risk of loss.

Maintain a stable mentality for yourself

Psychology will affect the player’s ability to analyze and win. Always keep yourself calm and alert when considering the series of results from the house. Maintain your mentality in every situation regardless of winning or losing to avoid making inaccurate decisions.

The coin toss algorithm increases betting capital

Instead of betting heavily from the beginning, players should gradually increase the bet amount over time and with personal experience. Players with experience and accurate prediction ability will be able to place larger bets. Following these rules will help protect your initial capital and minimize the risk of loss.

Algorithm for shaking discs according to the bridge breaking method

For special situations, players can change their bets appropriately when the series of positive rules ends. If you detect signs that the streak is ending, players should quickly change their bets before encountering unwanted results.

The coin toss algorithm does not follow the crowd

This coin toss algorithm proves that following the majority is not always correct. Players should remember that coin tossing involves luck, not just relying on intuition to bet. Instead, take note of other players’ bets and place bets based on your own calculations.

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Some things to keep in mind when applying the current coin toss algorithm

When applying this coin toss algorithm, you need to pay close attention to the following things:

  • Understand the meaning of the symbols in the game history list. The online bookmaker will display this list. Players need to read the rules carefully based on this result history. More precisely: Blue C will be even, red L will be Odd, blue X will be under, blue C will be even, red T will be over.
  • Using the coin toss algorithm requires a lot of capital preparation, and always carefully calculate the bet amount according to the algorithm. And start with a small amount of capital, gradually increase it and make sure that when there is good demand, you will have money to invest.
  • Calm and concentration are important factors when applying the coin toss algorithm. This is a long-distance game, if you are too hasty and lose in the first games, you will easily fail in the following games.


Some of the coin toss algorithms shared above are very useful and have been proven for their effectiveness and stability by many professional players. Hopefully this article Hi88 The above sharing will help you choose the algorithm that is right for you.

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