Simple instructions on how to play Sic Bo online for beginners

Currently, the online gaming market is very developed, so how to play Sic Bo online and win big is always a top concern. If you are new or want to play Sic Bo to increase your income, you need to understand more about how to play. This article will update you with detailed information on how to play Sic Bo online without losing money.
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Answers to the concept of online dice, what is it?

Sic Bo is a game that has been around for a long time and is played by many people during holidays. The traditional way to play is that you need to move to the venue and then participate in betting. But this is not legal and is often investigated by the authorities.

On the contrary, with online Sic Bo, players can participate in betting via phone or computer. The bookmaker is the place that provides games and rewards you when you win big. When playing online, you do not need to worry about security issues if you join the right reputable address.

The rules of online Sic Bo are very simple, you just need to predict the correct result of the dice. The game takes place very quickly so you don’t take much time to place your bets. In addition, playing Sic Bo online allows you to exchange rewards online, so you can increase your income. Thanks to these factors, online Sic Bo always attracts a large number of players to participate.

See how to play basic online Sic Bo for beginners

As analyzed above, the Sic Bo game has a very simple way to play. If you master how to play Sic Bo online along with your luck and acumen, you can easily win. An over/under game will start with 3 dice and a betting table including: over and under. The player’s task is to predict the result of the dice after the dealer kicks the dice.

If the total of 3 dice has a score from 4 to 10, it is considered an under. On the contrary, if the score of the three dice adds up from 11 to 17, it is called over.

The sequence of how to play Sic Bo online at a reputable house you should know:

  • Step 1: Player chooses web addressReputable bookmaker New88 and the best quality in the market to participate in betting
  • Step 2: You need to register or log in to your betting account to use the house’s services. Next you need to make a deposit to bet online
  • Step 3: You need to select the Over/Under section and choose a room to play according to your needs and finances. Place a bet on either over or under and wait for the results. If you choose the correct bet, you will win and receive a reward. On the contrary, if you choose the wrong bet, you will lose and lose the amount you previously placed.

In general, playing Sic Bo online is very simple and similar to the traditional way. You don’t need to learn too many rules of the game, just practice your acumen. At that time, you can completely participate in betting and receive instant rewards at a reputable address

What are the ways to play Sic Bo online to win big for new players?

If you are new to the game and want to participate in online Sic Bo, you need to learn how to play Sic Bo online and win big. Each player needs to choose and accumulate a lot of knowledge and their own strategies. From there, you will win more easily and have many opportunities to bring in huge income. Besides the luck factor, you can apply the following good ways to play, specifically:

How to double bet in online Sic Bo to win big

Steel folding betting is one of the good ways to play that you need to know when playing Sic Bo online. This method is shared by veteran experts and has received many positive reviews. If you lose the previous bet, the amount you bet on the next bet will be double the previous bet. This will help you never suffer losses but must have a stable source of capital.

Bet on the best bet in online over/under

This way of playing Sic Bo requires a lot of observation and statistical ability from the player. You need to summarize the results of previous bets and then bet. You should only bet on the best bet and avoid taking risks on bets with low odds of winning.

Normally, each online Sic Bo game at any house has its own rules that you just need to observe. Then, analyze and learn about the history of over/under betting. Surely you will find a bet with a higher win rate. Use your strategy and luck to place bets to avoid emotional play


Above is the most detailed information about how to play Sic Bo online for your reference. Hopefully, with this useful knowledge, you will easily win bets and receive more rewards

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