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Ledia Lighting’s LED Solutions: Revolutionizing Cabinet Lighting for Distributors and Agents

Ledia Lighting proudly introduces the Needle G01 Series, a game-changing LED solutions designed for commercial projects. With its creative and innovative design, magnetic connection system, superior heat dissipation, high CRI, and versatile connectivity options, Ledia Lighting’s inside cabinet lighting LED solutions offer distributors and agents an unrivaled opportunity to transform cabinet lighting with style and convenience.

Creative Design, Exquisite Illumination

The Needle G01 Series distinguishes itself through its unique and innovative design, combining super thin aluminum housing, multi optics, and magnetic features in one exceptional package. This creative design sets a new standard for cabinet lighting, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Magnetic Connection: Streamlined Simplicity

Say goodbye to complicated installations and connections. Ledia Lighting’s LED solutions employ a magnetic connection system that simplifies every aspect of the lighting experience. From installation to input and connection, the magnetic design ensures effortless and convenient operations, saving time and effort for both installers and end-users.

Free Connection: Limitless Possibilities

Flexibility meets customization with Ledia Lighting’s LED solutions. The Needle G01 Series offers a range of light bar sizes, complemented by various connectors. This enables users to create any connection they desire, customizing their lighting setup to suit their specific needs. Distributors and agents can empower you  to design and implement tailored lighting solutions.


Ledia Lighting’s LED solutions, featuring the Needle G01 Series, redefine the landscape of cabinet lighting. With its creative design, magnetic connections, excellent heat dissipation, high CRI, and customizable options, this lighting solution empowers distributors and agents to offer their you  a seamless blend of style and convenience.

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