Collection of the Hottest Card Games Currently at Bookmaker NEW88

Join the NEW88 homepage, players will definitely not miss the game lobby hottest article today. From traditional games to gamesbeat Modernly, the house has integrated into the system to satisfy the needs of bettors. Let’s learn about some games you can’t miss!

Introducing the hottest card game lobby today at NEW88

Fighting game hottest article today is a popular game format in online casinos with many different game genres. Coming to the New88 Đăng Nhập game portal, bettors can experience entertainment with bull bull, baccarat, blackjack, bullfighting, joker, poker,…

Therefore, bettors can choose from a variety of entertaining games with extremely attractive money-making opportunities. Accordingly, each type of online card game will have its own rules and ways of playing as well as different levels of rewards and bets.

In particular, the playing experience hottest article today on platforms like New 88 is similar to participating in traditional casino tables. Each online table is often accompanied by the presence of a croupier or dealer, who are beautiful girls responsible for trading and interacting with players. At the same time, with the support of computer algorithms, the house always ensures absolute accuracy and safety during the playing process.

Collection of the hottest card games today

When joining NEW88’s game lobby, players definitely cannot miss the following games:


For Baccarat, there are three main possible outcomes: Player wins, Banker wins and Tie. Players only need to bet on one of these options and the remaining decisions of the bet will be managed by the house.

Before each game hottest article today Here, players can bet on their own hand, the dealer’s hand, or both. Each hand will then be dealt two cards from a standard deck. The object is to bet on whichever side has the total value of the cards closest to 9 or can predict a Draw result.

Besides, the dealer will be responsible for distributing cards and calculating results. The player wins if their bet matches the final result of the chosen hand and vice versa. With simple gameplay and high winning rate, we guarantee that you will find it difficult to ignore this exciting game.

Join the whirlwind Play the hottest card game today

The playing rules of Sam Loc are quite simple and similar to Tien Len Mien Nam. The game uses a deck of cards and each player is allowed to use 10 main cards. A Sam cyclone table can have from 2 to 5 players.

The player’s goal is to beat opponents’ bets by presenting high-value decks and winning each round. The steps include playing cards in turns, creating valuable decks such as Sam (3 cards of the same number or consecutive row), Gray (4 cards of the same number) or Four of a Kind (4 cards of the same number ).

If we talk about games hottest article today If there is an easy way to play, that is Sam Loc. If you are a new player and do not have much experience, you can refer and experience it!


Mentioning game genres hottest article today Poker cannot be ignored. In this game, each player will receive a number of cards from the deck with the aim of arranging the cards with the highest value possible. Playing rules include placing bets, increasing bets or even withdrawing from the game depending on the cards the bettor has.

Card arrangements in Poker are determined by certain values ​​and combinations from pairs of cards to the highest order such as Flush and Trade Poker. Although it is only considered a red and black card game, if you have a strategy to guess cards or read your opponent’s psychology, the winning rate will be very high.

Head to the South

Fighting game hottest article today Tien Len Mien Nam is a popular card game that attracts a large number of players at NEW88. With simple yet familiar gameplay from the North to the South, this entertainment lobby is very suitable for all types of players.

Similar to the Northern Tien Len version, the Southern Tien Len deck also includes 52 cards arranged in order from 2 to 10 and then J (Jacks), Q (Queens), K (Kings) and A (Aces).

During the game, players will try to defeat their opponents by playing high-value decks of cards and creating the most beautiful card chains. These card combinations will then be used to cut down your opponent’s good cards. If we know how to arrange cards and time the sequence, we guarantee that bettors will have a very high winning rate.


Above is all of our sharing about game genres hottest article today at bookmaker NEW88 Please quickly join here to have fun and have the opportunity to receive extremely attractive rewards!

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