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Blueiot’s Wristband Type RTLS Tag: Where Comfort Meets Precision

In the realm of Real-Time Location System (RTLS tags), the Wristband Type (BT1000-w) from Blueiot is a standout choice that seamlessly blends precision, comfort, and rugged design. It’s the go-to solution for scenarios where high-precision tracking is essential while ensuring user comfort and adaptability to challenging industrial environments.

Precision at Its Best

The BT1000-w boasts high-precision positioning, with ranging accuracy spanning from 0.1 to 1 meter. Whether you’re tracking assets or personnel in a busy industrial setting or any other application where precision is paramount, this tag delivers reliable results.

Comfortable Wear

One of the standout features of the Wristband Type tag is its skin-friendly wristband design. It’s not just about tracking; it’s about ensuring that users can wear it comfortably throughout their tasks. This user-centric approach makes it highly suitable for scenarios where individuals need to wear it for extended periods.

Waterproof and Resilient

With an IP65 waterproof rating, the BT1000-w is ready to take on wet and challenging industrial environments. Whether it’s exposure to moisture, splashes, or even temporary immersion, this tag stands its ground, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Technical Brilliance

Under the hood, the BT1000-w features cutting-edge technology. Operating within the 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz frequency band, it offers reliable performance. The built-in omnidirectional antenna enhances its tracking precision, ensuring that you get accurate location data. Moreover, its refresh rate is adjustable, ranging from 0.1Hz to 30Hz, providing flexibility to meet diverse tracking requirements.


In summary, Blueiot’s Wristband Type RTLS tag is the epitome of where comfort meets precision. Whether you’re in an industrial setting, a healthcare environment, or any other scenario requiring high-precision tracking, this tag delivers on all fronts. Its user-centric design ensures that individuals can wear it with ease, while its ruggedness and technical prowess make it a reliable choice in demanding environments.

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