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ZTT: Comprehensive Cable Solutions and Services for the Entire Lifecycle

ZTT, one of the leading cable manufacturers, goes beyond offering cables and accessories by providing a complete range of services throughout the cable lifecycle. With a focus on Engineering, Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning (EPCIC), ZTT delivers customized solutions to meet site conditions and client requirements.

Comprehensive On-Site Services

ZTT’s dedicated professional team offers global on-site services, including testing, engineering, installation, maintenance, and on-site management. With a commitment to fast and efficient service, ZTT ensures customer satisfaction at every stage.

In-House Project Management Teams

ZTT has established In-House Project Management Teams that adhere to the ISO 21500 standard. Comprised of experienced professionals, these teams are dedicated to meeting customer specifications and requirements, ensuring technological excellence and outstanding quality in project execution.

Onshore and Offshore Services

ZTT’s subsidiary focuses on the oil & gas and energy sectors, including Renewable Energies, offering a range of onshore and offshore services. These services encompass the supply of cables and cable accessories, submarine cable installation, foundation construction, and turbine construction, among others.


ZTT distinguishes itself as a comprehensive cable solutions provider by offering a wide array of services throughout the cable lifecycle. From on-site services to in-house project management teams, ZTT ensures efficient project execution and customer satisfaction. With a strong presence in the domestic market and expertise in the oil & gas and energy sectors, ZTT’s services cover everything from cable supply to installation and construction. Trust ZTT for comprehensive cable solutions and professional services.

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