Welland Smart Scale is a dependable health companion.

As people’s living standards have improved, the national diet has gradually changed from eating enough to eating well. We pay more attention to body management, and weight control has become one of the most important parts of dieting. So how can people understand their weight data and figure out how their weight, body fat rate, and other health indicators have changed? Welland’s Bluetooth smart scale, which was recently released, provides a suitable answer to these problems.

Traditional scale: insufficiently convenient

Traditional weight scales only have one function: they can display data. When an object to be weighed is placed on the scale, the scale shows the data for the present object. The data is lost when the object is moved away from the scale. Traditional weight scales are incapable of recording, storing, or analyzing data.

Welland has a unique perspective on this thorny issue and its Bluetooth smart scale.

Welland’s Bluetooth smart scale offers an advantage over traditional weight scales because it can link to a cell phone application via low-power Bluetooth. Once linked, data from the smart scale may be transferred to the application, and current data can be received via the application. Bluetooth connectivity is offered for tracking weight and BMI progress.


Product dimensions: 260x260x18mm

LCD dimensions: 62x28mm

Power: 2pcs x 1.5V AAA batteries

Capacity: 180KG/400LB/28st

Division: 100g/0.2lb

Units of measurement: kg/lb/st

Weight: 1.1kg

For more information, visit the official Welland website!

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