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Victoria World Academy: Empowering International Students for Success

For international students seeking an exceptional education experience in Singapore, Victoria World Academy is a leading institution that has been making a difference since its establishment in 1999. Formerly known as the Orient Language School, the academy initially focused on specialized language training for students of all ages. However, in 2020, under new management, Victoria World Academy underwent a remarkable transformation to offer Preparatory Courses for Cambridge International A-Level and Cambridge IGCSE examinations. This restructure has allowed the academy to cater specifically to international students aged fourteen to nineteen, ensuring their academic success.

Unparalleled Preparatory Programs
Victoria World Academy’s commitment to delivering quality education is reflected in its range of preparatory programs. By offering specialized courses for Cambridge International A-Level and Cambridge IGCSE examinations, the academy equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel academically. With a focus on rigorous subjects such as Mathematics, Sciences, and Languages, Victoria World Academy prepares students for challenging academic pursuits while fostering a supportive learning environment.

Recognized Excellence and Accreditation
As a private education provider in Singapore, Victoria World Academy adheres to the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) requirements set by the Committee for Private Education (CPE). This serves as a testament to the academy’s dedication to meeting regulatory standards and providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students. Moreover, Victoria World Academy holds an Edutrust Provisional certification from CPE—a prestigious accreditation that acknowledges the institution’s high levels of administration and educational service provision.

Victoria World Academy’s transformation into a premier institution offering Preparatory Courses for Cambridge International A-Level and Cambridge IGCSE examinations showcases its commitment to nurturing the academic potential of international students. Through its specialized programs and adherence to regulatory standards, the academy creates a supportive and enriching environment for students to thrive. With a new management driving its future growth, Victoria World Academy continues to elevate the educational journey of its students and aims to propel them to even greater heights of success.

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