SMPO VALI: A Bolder Taste Experience

With the introduction of SMPO VALI, SMPO is diversifying its mesh coil disposable vapes. To give our partners a premium disposable flavored vape that is both inexpensive and partner-friendly, we have developed a new product using the same high-quality components as all of our other SMPO products.

For those who are unfamiliar, please define SMPO.

Shenzhen Yuezhitu Trading Co., Ltd. produces the SMPO line of e-cigarettes. Since its inception in 2016, SMPO has been dedicated to developing sophisticated, user-friendly disposable vapes like mesh coil disposable vapes and other series.

The SMPO VALI is distinguished in what ways?

Flavor enhancements are at the forefront of SMPO’s disposable vapes. The e-liquid in disposable vapes is atomized by an internal heating element, resulting in a nicotine-laden mist. The disposable design eliminates the need for consumers to worry about restocking constantly. As an example, SMPO VALI offers up to a dozen distinct e-liquid tastes, most of which center on fruity notes and a silky, cool finish. There’s also the option of selecting a cola taste, which is very distinctive.

Why Should Dealers Consider SMPO as a Collaborator?

SMPO has added additional flavors to its e-cigarette line to provide customers with cutting-edge, high-quality options. In addition, the firm has expanded its taste offerings to include sweet and sour, peach, strawberry, and grape.

It is worth noticing that the inclusion of these additional flavors enhances SMPO newbie partners’ options. We at SMPO are dedicated to bringing delicious tastes that even the most inexperienced partners can enjoy.

The Flavor Technology team at SMPO spent a great time crafting these one-of-a-kind tastes. They may be included in marketing already popular items with little effort and are likely to do well with the target demographic of young people.


SMPO prioritizes product enhancements and offers partners enhanced product benefits consistently. It’s a throwaway vape company with a lot of promise and dedication.

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