Moving Head Beam Light from The Clear Sky Is A Hit

The stage lighting equipment offered by Light Sky has always been of public interest. The high-quality lighting fixtures will produce a beautiful view wherever they are installed. Light Sky’s performance at the GET Show was a continuation of its track record of captivating audiences. This article discusses all aspects of the Get Show and how Light Sky’s moving head beam light was phenomenal.

A bright sky produced a magnificent atmosphere

Light Sky brought to the exhibition two popular moving head beam lights, IP 2021 Profile, and IP 4000 Laser.

During the exhibition’s presentation of these beam moving head lights, Light Sky activated these lights. At the exhibition, the lights performed exceptionally well, creating a beautiful and charming atmosphere. People raised their heads in awe of the mesmerizing display created by the moving head beam lights. The impressive output was complemented by every reputable entity.

The Two Moving Head Beam Lights Exhibited at The Show

As previously mentioned, Light Sky displayed its two most recent pieces of stage lighting equipment at GET Show, namely SHARK PROFILE and SHARK LASER. Each of these will now be briefly introduced.


SHARK PROFILE is a 1200W LED moving head spot and profile light with a high-brightness IP66 rating. Its LED module source color is white, and it has a color wheel with five different colors that can produce a spectrum of beautiful colors. It has an impressive lifespan, allowing it to last for a very long time. In addition, it has no negative effects on the environment due to its stable environmental protection characteristics.

Depending on the setup, it can function as a beam, spot, wash, or profile light. When a versatile moving head beam light is required in an outdoor setting, it can be used extensively. The five color choices can be mixed and matched to create an impressive array of distinct hues.


Aqua Laser is a water-resistant moving head laser light with an IP66 rating. It is ideal for use in any outdoor environment with extreme weather; stadiums, live performances, building tops, and theaters are all suitable locations.

It has a high-density, white laser source that can generate an intense amount of projected light when functioning as a beam. Good uniformity of light density is observed across the surface. Additionally, there is a large, 14-color wheel that can project associated colors directly. In addition, the wheel can be utilized to produce any color with relative ease.

Last but not least, Light Sky‘s services are tailored to customer requirements; our team will make every effort to develop a solution that is tailored to the customer’s needs.

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