Can CBD Capsules Assist In Balancing The Female Hormones?

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a substance derived from cannabis plants. It is becoming popular owing to the various ways it may benefit consumers. Moreover, the product doesn’t have psychoactive properties to make you feel high (like its counterpart, THC). As a result, CBD products are legalized in several places with time to the relief they may offer without affecting your mental state.

CBD capsules are one such product that enables us to consume the substance with ease. You can swallow them with a glass of water and experience their effects within an hour. These may help in pain, inflammation, insomnia, mood relaxation, etc. As for women, these capsules may even help in tackling hormonal imbalances. Female hormones are complicated, and several women have to deal with numerous physical and mental health issues if their hormonal balance is disturbed.

This article will first give you some brief information about CBD capsules. Then we will explain the several nuisances of hormonal imbalances in women. Lastly, we will detail how these capsules may help women deal with several consequences of hormonal imbalances. So if you are a woman whose hormones are troubled all the time or if you know someone who faces this issue, give this article a good read!


What Causes Hormonal Imbalance In Women?

Women suffer from hormonal imbalances due to several reasons. These include menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is another common hormonal disorder in women. Apart from these, almost all birth control methods for women, like IUDs or pills, can disturb the natural hormonal balance in their bodies. These methods use additional hormones to interfere with the female reproductive system and thus can cause a hormonal flux.

Lastly, hormonal imbalances can also increase as we grow old. Aging causes a shift in our hormonal levels. For women, hormones start changing as they enter their 20s and 30s and affect their reproductive health. Cortisol and estrogen are the two neurotransmitters that trigger hormonal imbalances in women.

Can CBD Capsules Help Women Deal With Hormonal Problems?

Apart from the several benefits, these capsules may offer to improve overall health, they may also alleviate some conditions related to hormonal imbalances in women. These include:-

●       Regulating Hormones

A research study by scientists pointed out that CBD may help regulate the influx of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that activates stress in our bodies. Thus, consuming these capsules may help regulate your hormones and prevent their imbalance. Moreover, you may benefit from gamma-linolenic acid and omega-fatty acids when you consume CBD capsules derived from hemp plants. One acid among these, the Omega-6 fatty acid, may help your body regulate its hormones.


●       Menopause

Menopause is a phase of female life where the menstrual cycles come to a permanent end. This phase is caused by hormonal changes and can further lead to hormonal imbalances. Even though there is no concrete evidence to suggest that CBD capsules may help tackle some symptoms of menopause, they may deal with some. These symptoms include stabilizing mood, reducing sleep disturbances, and slowing down the body density loss during this period. Moreover, women going through menopause can constantly feel anxious, and these capsules may help reduce their anxiety levels and stress.

●       Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome is the phase when women experience various physical and mental changes before their menstrual cycle approaches. CBD capsules may help you tackle PMS symptoms such as mood swings, food cravings, body aches, etc. They may even alleviate stomach cramps, breast discomfort, and bloating.

Additionally, these capsules may lower cortisol levels, help detox your liver, and reduce inflammation. These effects may help alleviate the physical symptoms during PMS, like pain and cramps.

●       Skin Problems

Hormonal imbalances may also lead to problems such as skin aging, dark spots, acne, unhealthy skin, weak hair follicles, etc. These can be triggered due to puberty, irregular periods, or aging. Thus, apart from your physical and mental health, an unwanted hormonal change in your body can affect your appearance.

In 2014, a research study suggested that CBD may help reduce acne by reducing inflammation and oil production in the skin. Moreover, the beauty industry has started using CBD in products like anti-aging serums. Thus, these capsules may help you fight the apparent skin problems associated with hormonal imbalances. Additionally, you may take Topical CBD capsules if you suffer from other skin conditions like eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. After all, hormones can cause skin problems. The Hemp extract and other ingredients in the capsules may help your metabolism and also help control your hormones.


A Small Caution About CBD Capsules

Most users don’t experience severe side effects of these capsules and find them typically safe. However, you may experience some sleepiness, weakness, reduced appetite, etc.- if you exceed the prescribed dosage. Moreover, if you take other medications like antidepressants, these capsules may produce adverse reactions. You should consult your physician to find a suitable brand and decide your dosage according to your needs. Religiously consuming these capsules within the prescribed limit may better your health and help you fight your issues.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this article helps several women understand and deal with their hormonal issues. You might try CBD capsules to deal with the problems caused by hormonal imbalances. However, you must pair it up with lifestyle changes and follow medical advice. CBD alone can’t help you if you follow an unhealthy diet and habits. Thus, it is necessary to consider CBD capsules as a supplement, not a one-stop solution for all your problems. Consult your doctor if you feel confused, and stick to the dosage that has been prescribed. This way, you can derive the benefits of these capsules without compromising your health. So ladies, consumption with caution is the way to go for better hormonal health!

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