Amazing Benefits Of Applying Night Creams

Skincare is a process which maintains the skin integrity, magnifies its appearance and reliefs skin conditions. It provides nutrition and hydration to skin. It comprises many practices. Practices such as cosmetics, botulinum, exfoliation, fillers, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, peels, retinol therapy etc lie under this. skincare is meant to be performed regularly to get rid of skin issues such as acne, dermatitis or dry skin issues. Let’s jump in to the article and find out more about the benefits of night cream abd how it works.

Is night cream different from moisturizer?

Technically night creams and moisturizers are  similar. Night creams work more intensely than a moisturizer. A moisturizer keeps your face hydrated in the day time but at night it is essential to put on a night cream as it is thicker. A night cream brings too much hydration to your face which might not be suitable for day time.

Our face is  meant to absorb 15% more of any product at night than at day time. It is because during the day we go out,we work,we are open to the environment, we are in hustle and bustle. But at night, we relax. Our mind, our body, our skin is ready to replenish.

Most night creams are designed to be an anti-aging cream. They are made up of fundamentals which help us to take good care of your skin and to reduce the effects of aging.

While watching advertisements and getting attracted to them, we often forget that they might not be suitable for our skin type. We need to understand that not all products are for all skin types. And they are not going to work the same on everyone. For instance, a face wash which suits person A perfectly might dry out person B’s skin. Therefore it is never to understand your skin type before buying any product.

Here is a list of broadly divided skin types :

Oily skin

Oily skin is when oil glands produce a large amount of oil. Your skin lies in this type when you can feel oil on your face after a few hours of face wash. Large amount of oil is accumulated on your nose T-zone when you wake up in the morning. Oily skin results in acne, black and white heads.

Dry skin

It is when your skin feels itchy, flaky and rough. Moisturizer is completely absorbed within a few hours and you again feel the need for it. Dryness causes whiteness and a dull looking face.

Normal skin

It is when you neither feel the need of face wash twice a day nor the need for moisturization within every few hours.

Combination skin

It is when your skin has both dry as well as oily areas. One has more oil producing glands at T-zone and less oil producing glands elsewhere.

A proper and lavish skin routine consists of many steps. Many products are needed for it. Few people might not be able to afford it. Therefore we have come across 2 ways of doing skin care at night and prepping your skin for tomorrow!

The first way is  simple and basic. It is something everyone knows for years.

STEP 1– to wash their faces properly, no area should be left over.

STEP 2– to apply night cream. No matter what type of skin you have, night cream is crucial as it hydrates the skin and prepares it for the next day. Even the oily skin needs some hydration.

These two easy steps, if followed religiously, can change the game. You will signify a lot of positive change in your skin in just two weeks


Here are the major benefits of night creams:


We spend our days outdoors,in pollutants and sunburn which takes over all the water and hydration our skin needs. However, night times are meant for fixation. Applying a night cream delivers the proper amount of hydration and prepares your skin for the next day.

Collagen boosting

Wrinkles and fine lines are more visible  when the collagen is depleted. With the help of night creams you can boost your collagen  production,helping your skin to look plumber. It reduced skin sagging as well.

It also promotes blood circulation. And eliminating toxins, helping the skin to heal naturally.

Preparing your skin for tomorrow

Every single day our skin faces a lot of contaminated stuff. Our faces are the front line of ourselves. Our faces have to look bright, glowing and shiny.

A night cream tackles dryness and dullness, reassuring that we are  prepared to absorb all the products we will apply in the morning properly. It ensures the penetration of the products.  A night cream prepares and heals are faces to look absolutely glorious for the next day.

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