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Red and Black Great War card game is a hot game that is highly sought after at bookmakers. A new genre with many extremely special features and gameplay. Have you heard and experienced this game at Nhacaiuytin Not yet? If not, please refer to the article immediately to better understand this unique card game!

Introducing the card game Red and Black Dai Chien

Red and Black Great War sounds like a very popular game, but it is actually a card game. Brings a new color and new style that is more modern than regular games. Creates an irresistible attraction for casino participants

Red and Black Great War card game is a new game that recently appeared in the betting market. Its special thing comes in the gameplay as it is unlike any other genre. This card game is only built online, not in real life. With extremely outstanding graphic design and beautiful 3D chibi animations.

The game gives players the feeling of experiencing a professional casino. With a rectangular game space, the middle area is for the selected cards and the two sides are for the players. Under the side screen is a hot and beautiful Dealer with a red card ready to deal cards.

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Detailed instructions for playing the card game Dai Chien Red and Black

Red and Black Great War is a new card game genre, so not all gamers understand the rules. Below is a detailed guide on how to play that you can refer to:

Rules for playing the card game Red and Black

The rules of the card game Red and Black Dai Chien are also quite simple with only 2 main bets: red side, black side and 1 lucky bet. Each side will be dealt 3 cards and players will place bets before opening and comparing cards. On the table there will be betting areas on the red side and the black side, and whichever side wins will receive the corresponding prize amount.

Red and Black Great War card game will still use the common 52-card deck like other card games. The red side will have a limit according to the regulations: The total points the player can bet cannot exceed the maximum bonus on the table. The amount bet on each area of ​​the table can vary according to the total amount bet on the entire table.

Types of cards in the Red and Black card game

Below are some card decks (types of cards) counted in the game Red and Black Great War along with their meanings:

  • Three Jewels: When 3 cards appear that are all the same, they are called three jewels, like Sam in Tien Tien. Among them, the set AAA will be considered the largest and 222 will be the smallest.
  • Straight flush: Similar to Poker, this is a straight of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, 456 cards or 789 hearts, the difference with Poker is that JQK is considered the largest box and the smallest is A23.
  • Kim Hoa: Like the flush in Poker, Kim Hoa is when you own 3 cards of the same suit. For example, 347 with spades or 46K with hearts.
  • Lobby: Inside Red and Black Great War card game The lobby is also counted like other popular card games. Just 3 cards of consecutive value and not necessarily of the same suit.
  • Pair: As long as 2 of the 3 cards have the same value, it will be counted as a Pair, if not, it will be counted as a Single (any 3 cards)

Divide the order of levels

Order of hierarchical division of internal sets Red and Black Great War card game is calculated as follows:

  • Single < Double < Hall < Golden Flower < Barrel Breaking Hall and the largest set is the Three Jewels.
  • When comparing Three Jewels, Flush Cards, Pairs and Singles, they will be calculated according to size based on the order of the cards: K, Q, J up to 3 2 and A is the smallest.

Comparison order: If it’s a pair and a pair, the opposite will be compared first. Pairs of equal size will be considered the remaining cards, the side with the larger card will win and vice versa. If both sides are Singles, the largest card will be compared first. If the large Singles are the same, the second card will be considered followed by the smallest.

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Update the payout ratio of the card game Dai Chien Red and Black atNhacaiuytin

The payout ratio of the Red and Black Great War game will usually be calculated as: Black side is 1 to 1 and red side is also 1 to 1. If you are lucky enough to own beautiful decks of cards, the payout ratio will also be higher. . In case multiple sets appear at the same time, the set with the highest value will be calculated:

  • Three jewels: 1 to 10.
  • Lobby bust: 1 for 5.
  • Kim Hoa: 1 to 3.
  • Lobby: 1 for 2.
  • Pairs from 9 to A will have a ratio of 1 to 1.

Instructions for participating in the Red and Black card game at Nhacaiuytin

To participate in the Red and Black Great War game at Nhacaiuytin, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the official homepage link of the bookmaker then register if you do not have an account.
  • Step 2: After successful registration, log in to the game and deposit money into your game account. Those of you who have been long-time members at Nhacaiuytin You can skip this registration step.
  • Step 3: Access the online casino then search “Red and Black Great War card game”.
  • Step 4: Choose the appropriate table, then enter the game and place your bet.

Why did the Great War of Red and Black attract so many players?

In addition to unique gameplay, Red and Black Great War card gameIt also attracts players thanks to the following great advantages

Careful investment interface

The Great War of Red and Black will leave an impression on you from the first time you participate. Because the game’s interface is really impressive with mysterious deep brown tones and eye-catching effects. Entering the round, there will be a waiting line next to the rectangular table to help players not get too tired of their eyes.

In addition to the interface, the sound system is clear Red and Black Great War card game also very realistic. Giving players a familiar feeling like they are playing directly at the casino.

Many diverse betting milestones, serving many types of players

If you are wondering what the minimum bet amount the game allows is, don’t worry. The betting room system at Dai Chien Do Den has a variety of prices, with a minimum of 5k per bet. Nhacaiuytin proactively sets more “open” betting levels so that gamers can easily access them. Therefore, depending on your available capital, you can choose the appropriate betting table.

The Red and Black Dai Chien card game has simple rules

Another strong point that helps Great War of Red and Black attract many participants is the simple rules of the game. Just go to the table and look through a few rounds of betting and you can easily grasp everything. With only 3 betting options: red, black and lucky box, players can completely go All-in to try their luck.

Get full support when playing Red and Black Great War

If you encounter any difficulties while playing Red and Black Great War card game then go to user support. Here there will be detailed instructions on the rules of the game, how to play as well as how to place specific bets in the most correct way. If you still have questions, gamers can immediately contact customer service via Hotline or Botchat for advice.

Above is all the information about Red and Black Great War card game that we want to send to our readers. Quickly register to join Nhacaiuytin to conquer this interesting game!

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