How to play soccer handicap betting is super easy for newbies to refer to

Football is one of the attractive subjects with extremely high resistance. Not only does it attract the number of members looking to follow, but it also creates a series of soccer bets with super high reward rates. In the content below,  Nhà cái New88 will guide you on how to play handicap from A – Z for your reference!

What is a soccer handicap?

Soccer handicap is a type of bet that  New88 offers to ensure balance between the upper and lower teams. Of course, they will consider the performance of both to come up with the most suitable number.

Matches with higher handicaps show that the strength of both clubs is clearly different and vice versa.

Some types of handicap betting in soccer

It can be said that handicap bets are relatively diverse, depending on the size of the match, large and small, the bookmaker will offer them for you to choose from.  New88 players can also combine them—shaky odds when playing soccer handicap betting.

Ball odds

The same ball bet, also known as the draw bet, your task is to just choose the right side to win without worrying about the score or how many shots are scored.

Basically, equal-ball odds often appear when both teams have equal performance, without too much difference.

Half ball bet

The half ball bet is denoted as 0.25, ¼, on the betting board, there will be 2 cases: win – lose without a draw.

Assuming the match is a draw, there will be a situation where one person wins half the money, the other loses half the money and vice versa. In professional football betting, bets 1.25, 2.25, 3.25 also have a similar calculation.

Half-left handicap

Symbolized as 0.25 on the betting table, the half-left handicap is often applied to major soccer tournaments in Europe. In order for the bettor on the upper team to win, they must have more than 1 ball scored. For example, 3 – 2, 4 – 3,…

Half one handicap

In half-one handicap betting, for the favorite team to win, they must have more than 2 points. For example, 3 – 1, 4 – 2, 5 – 3,…

  • If the underdog team wins by more than 2 goals => The underdog bettor will win the full bonus
  • The upper team has only 1 more goal => The person betting on the upper bet gets half the money, the lower bet loses half the money
  • If at the end of the match the result is a draw => The upper team loses everything, the lower team wins everything

Handicap 1 goal

For the 1-goal handicap bet, the upper team will have more than 2 goals. If the result is a draw or the upper side loses, the lower team will take all the money back to the prize bag.

In case the top team is only 1 goal apart, it will be a tie, no one will win money and no one will lose.

How to calculate money when participating in winning handicap bets

When winning the soccer handicap, brothers New88 Need to know how to calculate money to be more proactive.

Instructions on how to calculate money when winning in handicap betting

We have a formula to calculate money when winning in full:

  • Amount received when winning the bet = Initial deposit amount X Team’s winning rate
  • Bet winning amount = Initial deposit amount + Winning amount

Formula to calculate when winning half money:

  • Winning amount = Initial deposit X (Odds of that team): 2

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Important notes when playing professional handicap betting

If you play soccer betting, to ensure safety you need to note some important points as follows:

  • Search for the address of a professional online bookmaker, with the most legitimate and green certificate.
  • Balance a reasonable amount of money to play professional handicap betting. It is best for you to spend a maximum of 10% of your income each month.
  • Consult information and bets from experts with many years of experience in the soccer industry.
  • Do not bet based on the preferences or opinions of the crowd.
  • Handicaps are relatively complicated, so you need to carefully learn the information, how to read, and the payout regulations before placing your money.
  • Know when and where to stop, avoid taking out debt that affects your life and makes friends and family feel uncomfortable.
  • Refer to previous matches that the two clubs participated in to see if their performance is guaranteed or not.

=> Although the playFootball Betting It also depends on many factors such as luck, the player’s physical condition, the weather on the day of the match, etc. However, in order to increase your chances of winning when betting, you must look carefully and analyze carefully. Study each move as well as the advantages of each team.

Above we have shown how to participate in professional soccer handicapping from A – Z. Surely newbies will easily experience and feel much more confident. Wishing you the most enjoyable and exciting moments!

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