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Elevate Y Nucleic Acid Extraction: Unleashing the Potential of Magen Biotech’s High-Quality SDS

Magen Biotech introduces its high-quality Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS), an essential raw material for nucleic acid extraction. SDS, a highly efficient surfactant, possesses the ability to dissolve a wide range of proteins. Its role in nucleic acid extraction is pivotal as it disrupts the cellular membrane, releasing valuable soluble substances. By denaturing proteins and destroying their three-dimensional structure, SDS enables researchers to extract and purify nucleic acids efficiently. Magen Biotech’s SDS is meticulously screened and subjected to stringent quality control measures, guaranteeing exceptional performance in nucleic acid extraction.

Optimizing Extracted Purity: Unparalleled Features of Magen Biotech’s SDS

Magen Biotech’s SDS boasts unique characteristics that set it apart in nucleic acid extraction. With the highest critical micelle temperature among detergents, SDS precipitates at low temperatures, especially in the presence of potassium salt. This property proves advantageous in protein removal from digestive juice, resulting in enhanced purity of the extracted nucleic acids. Researchers can rely on Magen Biotech’s superior SDS to optimize their nucleic acid extraction methods and achieve exceptional results.

Unmatched Quality Assurance: Trust in Magen Biotech’s SDS

Magen Biotech establishes its commitment to superior quality with its high-grade SDS products. Through rigorous screening and quality control processes, Magen Biotech ensures that their SDS consistently delivers reliable and efficient nucleic acid extraction results. With Magen Biotech’s SDS, researchers gain the confidence to explore the intricacies of molecular biology and genetic research, knowing that they are using a trusted and reliable product for their experiments.


Magen Biotech’s high-quality Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate (SDS) proves to be a game-changer in nucleic acid extraction. With its ability to dissolve proteins and disrupt their structure, SDS plays a crucial role in releasing valuable soluble substances for further analysis. Magen Biotech’s SDS stands out with its unparalleled features, including its precipitation at low temperatures and its unique property of protein removal from digestive juice. Researchers can rely on Magen Biotech’s exceptional quality assurance to optimize their nucleic acid extraction methods, enabling groundbreaking studies in molecular biology and genetic research. Trust in Magen Biotech’s SDS to elevate your research and unlock new realms in nucleic acid extraction.

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